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Life Imitates Pajamas

Apr. 18th, 2009 07:20 pm

This was five minutes' work in the yard. There was so much glass out there it was ridiculous. I worked out there ALL DAY just collecting glass. I would have continued on into dusk but I unearthed something truly evil. I thought it was cat poop until I picked up something of which I can not decribe, it was so foul. I think it was a dead thing. Ah, gardening. I decided I was done for the day and went to take a shower.

Have I ever mentioned my hatred of glass? It's a major phobia. Now imagine your major phobia strewn three inches deep in your new yard. Choices: wait for the super to do something (don't get me wrong, the super is amazing, but was there to remove the dead tree today &I give him plenty to do) or start removing it myself. Besides, I just kept thinking of all my little friends who I want to be able to come and play safely.

I feel VERY accomplished today.


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Apr. 18th, 2009 02:37 pm

test (strawberry plants)


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Mar. 29th, 2009 02:06 pm A Hundred Reasons In Ten Minutes

OK, OK... She was right (I don't call her King Friday for nuthin') and I couldn't do it.

I *DID* manage the first fifty in 15 minutes. I think I could have done all 100 if I wasn't numbering and fixing the spastic typing.

In honor of our upcoming anniversary, I am posting segment 1 in a 346,234,627 part series:

Why I Love Julia

1. She is smart
2. She has a wicked sense of humor
3. She knows any word I can find
4. She knows about science and HOW and WHY things work
5. She is beautiful
6. She has snappy black brown eyes that light up when she's happy.
7. She has long, beautiful hair.
8. She can make her own clothes.
9. She can cook.
10. She is a person of ritual and tradition, and respects and honors mine.
11. She likes STUFF as much as I do.
12. She is fun to play board games with.
13. She is fun to play Playmobils with.
14. She lets me stage full musicals with her Playmobils.
15. She is STRONG.
16. She can fix things.
17. She can decide to build a couch and voila, there is a couch in your living room.
18. She dislikes many of the things I dislike, like noise and almond flavoring.
19. She is a type A personality
20. despite being type A, she is a lateral filer like I am
21. She knows plants and flowers
22. she will help make a beautiful yard
23. she has excellent parenting ideas for the future
24. she introduced me to coffee
25. she introduced me to the blues
26. she introduced me to Real Mountains tm
27. she " " " White People Gospel
28. " " " " simple syrup in iced coffee
29. she helps me be a neater person
30. " " " get my ADD under control
31. she encourages me to take care of my body
32. she " " " create more structure in my life
33. she values the things I am good at, like singing and talking to customer service representatives
34. she is a tech junkie like i am
35. she has Fred Flintstone feet and legs like the hot sister in Lilo and Stitch
36. she values quality over crap and looks for the best bargain
37. she counters my worse qualities such as buying crap at 99 cent stores
38. she has brought an appreciation for beauty in the universe that I rarely noticed before her
39. she has few body image issues
40. she wields a Leatherman
41. she can code
42. she can speak Latin
43. she eats the nasty chocolates in the box and thinks she's getting the good ones
44. she's good at housework
45. she knows self defense
46. she has cool art
48. she introduced me to Tamora Pierce, my Kitty Mama.
49. She can program the DVR.
50. She puts up with me.

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Feb. 1st, 2009 04:29 pm A New Take On Curry

I live in a carribbean neighborhood where you can get goat quite readily and (sorta) cheaply. The cheapest is chunks of bone with scraps of meat on them, eh....

I went to the butcher today and got a leg of goat that I am considering putting in the crockpot with all the traditional curry spices and stuff but leave it whole.

My theory is that it will be tender and soft and I can pull the meat like pulled pork and it will be delicious. Thoughts? Settings and time?

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Feb. 1st, 2009 11:02 am To Steroid or Not To Steroid...

A week or so ago I tried a new doctor. He was ok, didn't LOVE him, but the other doctor in the office seems promising so I may check her out.

He gave me four new prescriptions: ventolin (an inhaler for daily use 4x), flovent (a stronger inhaler with a steroid for once a day *while I am sick*), singulair and an emergency scrip for prednesone. He said to fill it and if the cough didn't improve with all the inhalers and stuff, to start that and to come in to the office asap.

Now, you have all heard what I sound like from January through April. It has started with a vengeance. I dutifully started my new regimen of medicines, despite hating using the inhalers (even though I haven't gotten crappy side effects in years, TG) and feel no different.

I called the doctor a couple days ago to ask if it would be ok to add over the counter decongestants to the list.

Now, one of the things that attracted me to this doc was the reviews saying he was very holistic, and would just as likely suggest alternative methods and natural stuff when possible, blah blah blah. When we met he said that I should drink lots of fluids and use a nasal saline dingus and I told him I knew what a neti pot was and he seemed thrilled.

(not that I have used one, ick!!!)

So I was really surprised when his response to my request to add a decongestant was to tell me to start the prednesone.

Granted, I haven't been sleeping for coughing all night, but that wasn't even shared in the voice mail. All I said was that I was congested, and he told me to take a really heavy duty steroid that I KNOW makes people in my family wack ass crazy and gave me thrush the week of my wedding.


I *DO* feel like crap! If I felt like crap like this all winter and caved in April and took it and it stopped the cough, maybe taking it now will head the whole thing off?

How bad could it be? I mean, even if I DO get thrush, so I get some abx and be done with it?

I have such a knee jerk reaction to want to avoid medicine that I don't know if I'm being rational.

It would be nice to get a good night's sleep, though I hear that lack of sleep's going around like a virus.

Oh, right. And breathing. Breathing would ROCK.

'Course it doesn't explain why I can do 40 minutes on the wii fit but then get out of breath putting on my socks.

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Jan. 30th, 2009 10:10 pm Becoming One Of Those People, or "What do you need THAT for?"

I got home from my exhausting day of teaching/hacking cough/power struggle with ridiculous administration, cooked dinner, ate it, watched daily show/colbert report from yesterday and then...

Spent 40 minutes on the Wii Fit. I feel fantastic. Sweaty, tired, but accomplished.

Why is it better than an exercise video? You'd just have to see it to understand.

Main way it is better is that I am DOING it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still feel like crap, asked dr if I could add a decongestant to my daily buffet of ventolin, flovent and singular and he suggested I start prednesone.

Um, no thanks. For a COLD?????

I came home with several amusing (in my own mind) anecdotes about funny people I have interacted with on the IRT and J suggested that I start a youtube channel "Stories From Work" or something like that. I was tempted. I can complain about asshats that stand in front of the subway door. Ad nauseum.

(the complaining AND the standing)

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Jan. 25th, 2009 01:07 pm My Favorite Robot

My favorite robot is The Electric Grandmother.

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Jan. 24th, 2009 11:25 pm Hm...

Is it REALLY worth 18 a yard to create your own fabric?

If you were to design a fabric, what would it have on it? Sharks, dachshunds and clownfish?

Dogs, coffee, chocolate, New York things and Jewish symbols?


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Jan. 22nd, 2009 07:47 pm Tap tap tap... anybody out there?

Are my posts being posted? Not to push for comments but I haven't heard anything lately so I am doing a tech check.

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Jan. 20th, 2009 09:41 pm My google-fu is broken!

So, like, how many people were there? I can't seem to find a count.

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