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Becoming One Of Those People, or "What do you need THAT for?" - Life Imitates Pajamas

Jan. 30th, 2009 10:10 pm Becoming One Of Those People, or "What do you need THAT for?"

I got home from my exhausting day of teaching/hacking cough/power struggle with ridiculous administration, cooked dinner, ate it, watched daily show/colbert report from yesterday and then...

Spent 40 minutes on the Wii Fit. I feel fantastic. Sweaty, tired, but accomplished.

Why is it better than an exercise video? You'd just have to see it to understand.

Main way it is better is that I am DOING it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still feel like crap, asked dr if I could add a decongestant to my daily buffet of ventolin, flovent and singular and he suggested I start prednesone.

Um, no thanks. For a COLD?????

I came home with several amusing (in my own mind) anecdotes about funny people I have interacted with on the IRT and J suggested that I start a youtube channel "Stories From Work" or something like that. I was tempted. I can complain about asshats that stand in front of the subway door. Ad nauseum.

(the complaining AND the standing)

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Date:January 31st, 2009 05:39 am (UTC)
*I* think the main way it's better is that it's a game, rather than work. And because the game aspect makes it feel less repetitive, or at least, the repetition is because of my competitiveness. "WAIT!!! I want to beat my high score!!"

Maybe other people get that with exercise.

Something that's surprised me with the Wii is that *I* am enjoying it. I'm not usually one for video games, but when I'm feeling stressed or anxious, having the option of going to a game where I can pretend to pound on something helps way more than anything else I've tried for that kind of anxious (yes, I *do* play Wii boxing. Who'd a thunk?)

The YouTube was only half snarky. You tell funny stories. You deserve a wider audience. Plus, it would give you a chance to tell those stories to someone, even if I can't focus enough to pay attention to you. Beneficial all around.

(And it was Monday's Daily Show/Colbert, because I wanted to see Carter.)